Small Group Yoga Therapy

Group Yoga Therapy is a session in which a Yoga Therapist works with a small group of individuals who have a similar health condition or symptom. The Yoga Therapist will still draw on the principles and practice of Individualised Yoga Therapy to the extent possible within a small group setting.

How this will differ from regular group yoga classes, is that an individual consultation and assessment will be required for each participant in the group – prior to commencing the class. This will allow for personalisation of the practice based on the individual assessment, and may require re-assessment of at regular intervals throughout a series of classes.

Class numbers may be limited from 2 to 5 persons at the discretion of the Yoga Therapist – depending on the nature of the health condition and the individuals participating.

Centred Self Yoga intends to offer Small Group Yoga Therapy classes in 2018 and is looking for expressions of interest from people with the following conditions who may wish to participate.

  • Chronic Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Lower Back Issues