Frequently Asked Questions

Many health funds now recognise the health benefits of Yoga. You may be able to claim a health fund rebate for Yoga classes and Yoga Therapy Consultations – please enquire with your health fund provider to see if Yoga is covered on your plan and what you need to do to make a successful claim.

Our classes run as 6 and 8 week courses. This encourages consistency and commitment, and has many other benefits including allowing you to work progressively week by week with a teacher who gets to know your individual requirements and helps you develop at your at your own individual pace.

Alternative options would be to book Private Yoga Classes or even work towards developing a Personalised Home Yoga Program – to practice when it suits you!

If there is availability, then you may be able to register and join for the remaining classes of the course. If your preferred class is full, ask to be put on the waitlist to register for the next course.

This depends on your personal preference, level of experience and individual needs.  If you are brand new to Yoga then it is essential to begin with a Beginners Course to get you started on the right track and teach you to practice safely and effectively for your needs.

Please refer to Class Descriptions or our Timetable to see what is currently on offer and what you believe will best suit you at present – and your needs fall outside of this you might like to consider Private Yoga Classes or a Yoga Therapy Consultation. If you are unsure please get in touch for some guidance.

Centred Self Yoga does not currently offer Pre-Natal group classes at present.

However, once you are past your first trimester – and with permission from your GP – we can offer you private classes where a practice will be designed specifically to suit your level of experience, ability, individual needs and support you throughout your pregnancy.

Yes, make up classes are possible – subject to availability in another time slot and your suitability for that particular class. Make-ups can only be taken within the current course dates – and must be requested in advance by phone call or email.

All of Centred Self Yoga classes are run as courses with a maximum of 8 participants, and designed to guide students to practice progressively at their own individual pace. As such, Centred Self Yoga are unable to offer casual attendance or accept “drop in” students at present.

Centred Self Yoga take up to a maximum of only 8 participants in any class, so priority is given to students booking a whole course. However, if there availability in the time slot you are interested in, then subject to suitability of the course for your needs, you would be welcome to come along and do a trial class. Requests for a trial class must be made at least 24 hours in advance by phone or email and cannot be guaranteed (subject to availability and suitability).